Anglers, Try Easy2Hook, No Knot Fish Hooks

Easy2Hook..Could it be a fishing revolution?

Every now and then, a fishing tool comes along that makes you wonder how you ever fished without it.  The Easy2hook hook system is one of those.   Tying on your hook is one of the first lessons most anglers learn as kids. However, Mom or Dad usually do a lot of hook tying at first!   Mastering strategic fishing knots has always been  an essential part of fishing.  Does the Easy2hook change all this? It truly could.

The eye of the hook was never hard to find when you were 12, 24, or 35 but hmmm now that (cough) maturity has set in a bit, it can sometimes be a squinty challenge, or at least take a couple of stabs to get the line through.  This frustrating situation can be even more daunting when there is urgency involved, IE when there are fish rolling all around you and you have to replace or change out your hook.  Lets face it,  stabbing your line through the eye of the hook isn’t the only issue here either!  Even the simplest knot can sometimes take a couple of attempts to tie, specially with cold, slimy or wet hands or if you  might have a little stiffness in your fingers.  Do you night fish?  Hmmm,  imagine being able to secure your hook without really being able to see it!  Do you fish with limp braided line?  Not a problem with the Easy2Hook. No multiple attempts necessary and no line strength is lost! While certainly not limited to kayak anglers, the easy2hook system is perfect for us!

Rigging your hook has never been easier

Enter the Easy2Hook system!  Easy2hook requires no fishing knot at all!  You don’t even have to thread an eye on these fish hooks.   How can that be, you ask?   On each hook there is a tiny ball and the eye is an open twist.  You simply loop your line around the ball, wrap it to the open eye and run the line through the opening.  It only takes about a second!  NO line strength is lost, no knot is tied, you can now trim your tag end, and you are  hooked up and ready to fish!

These fish hooks are not only great for mature anglers,  they will make any angler’s life easier!  Fishing guides, kayak anglers, kids, and folks with disabilities, why struggle when attempting to tie on a hook?

End the struggle and order Easy2Hook today!

The hook point is razor sharp, the way you like ’em. The finish is black and the Easy2hook system is available in all popular sizes and configurations:  Circle hooks, o’shaughnessy, Aberdeen.  Might as well get a few packs, cuz you’re going to want them and so are your friends!

OH… once you try this hook, you’re gonna say: Wow.. wish they made these for lures.  Well, we do! It’s called a “lure Adaptor.  They come in 3 sizes. You’ll see them in the lineup below.

At the present we are no longer processing orders for these great hooks!  Go Directly to Outdoor Specialty Innovations for your purchase. You will love them!

Circle hook sizes from 1/0 to 5/0

6Pak E2H Circle Hooks $4.99

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The famous O’Shaughnessy Hooks Easy2hook style!

Available from 1/0 to 5/0

Shipped in Packs of 6

6 Pak E2H O’Shaughnessy Hooks  $4.39


The Easy2Hook  Aberdeen

Also called the “live worm” hook

Available in Sizes from #6 to 2/0

Size 6 to size 1 $3.29

Size 1/0 and 2/0 $4.39

Shipped in Packs of 6

6 Pak E2H Aberdeen



E2H Lure Adaptor Lure adapters attach with a split ring (not included)  to your lure. Rig your lures ahead of time for quick  (loop, wrap, pull) lure replacement and the strength and reliability of Easy2Hook!


Dealer inquiries welcome! Just fill out contact form and you will be contacted promptly!

2 Responses to “Anglers, Try Easy2Hook, No Knot Fish Hooks”

  • Robert:

    Comment: I was sent a sample of the easy2hook hooks. these very innovative hooks have solved a problem for me. due to an industrial accident years ago, i have lost three finger tips on my left hand. trying to tie mono line is difficult at best.

    This new innovative hook allows me to hold the hook and tie it securely knowing it will not come untied as in the past. Kudos to the inventer. I have also looked at your web site and they are not priced out of range for those that have the desire or the need for a hook of this type. even as small as this hooks are, i was able to successfully hook a minnow and catch crappy.

  • PaddleGal:


    Thanks so much for your comment. There are so many scenarios where the Easy2hook system will help people stay fishing even though they may have a physical impairment that may limit their ability to tie on a hook. I’m so glad you are happy!

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