Kayak Anglers Catch More Fish With This Paddle

Kayak Anglers Must Have This Paddle!

Have you ever looked at a product that is overwhelmingly simple, but you realize you have to have one and will never be without it again?  This invention is one of those and everybody who fishes in skinny water estuaries, shrouded with mangroves is going to want this anglers dream kayak paddle BAD!

The OLD scenario is this:  You’ve made the perfect cast right under an overhanging bough of a mangrove.  You almost got snagged but the needle was threaded perfectly and your lure dropped in right where you wanted it.   A breeze pops up and blows you towards your cast and towards the mangroves.  DRAT you get your 7 foot paddle out of your lap.  You try to bend it against the elbow of your rod hand to scoot your kayak back a bit, because now you are way too close. Your line is slacking alarmingly.   You manage to leverage back but the bow swings the wrong way and heck, you just reel in and put your rod in the holder so you can reposition to try again.

Those days are over my friend!  Try this:   You see the action all around and you stow your 7 foot paddle because you have the Piranha Hand Paddle.  You make your perfect cast and when the breeze or tide starts trying to reposition you, you fight back by grabbing your  Piranha hand paddle.  A little correction is all it takes to keep you, your kayak and your lure in the STRIKE ZONE!

That’s not all though.. Notice the hook and the Teeth?  Those features will become what you wish you had in your big paddle too!  Have you ever wanted to reach out and hook a branch? Push off from a dock?  Those smooth edges on a traditional kayak paddle just don’t allow that kind of dexterity.  The Piranha does! So does the Predator.

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Here’s another video showing close quarters and the Predator and Piranha:

Pretty cool eh?


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