Kayak Review: The Coosa By Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak has long been known for their whitewater boats. This is their first foray into the fishing kayak realm but it looks like they have a definite winner!

Designed by Drew Gregory, professional kayak fisherman, The Coosa has some interesting features I’ve never seen before on a fishing kayak. The most prominent difference is the seat. Most sit on top fishing kayaks use a molded seat, it may be padded, it may have an adjustable backrest, but it’s stationary. The Coosa seat is adjustable in height. which is intriguing because you can have a more natural knee bend and a more stable platform should you want to stand up in your kayak. Not only that, its actually removable for shore use! Two tackle boxes are stowed under the seat and are removable with the seat elevated or not.

It was originally designed for river fishing and is tough enough to take the paddler through some swift whitewater, to get to the fishing holes. If it’s tough enough for that, it ought to handle the occasional estuary oyster bar pretty good too!

Check out the short promo video on the Coosa, from Jackson Kayak!

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