We almost didn’t trust the Easy2hook For Grouper

Must have been one heck of a jagged wreck wreck down there because we kept breaking off tackle left and right.  We landed a nice 10 pound Red Grouper and went back for more.  The next vicious hit was met, once again,  with a slack line.

“Damn” said Ed, my fishing pardner, that was the last grouper hook.  “NO WAY”  I said back at him, rummaging through the tackle box.

“Whats wrong with these?” I ask holding up a package 5/0 circle hooks.

“Oh.. those are those Easy2Hook things.. somebody gave ’em to me”

“SOOO?  lets try ’em!”    We read the package.  ‘Loop Wrap Pull’  is all it says.  Oookay… I loop, I wrap 4 times counter clockwise, and am amazed as the 30lb mono slips right through the open eye.  I pull.  Hard. The line holds”

We look at each other incredulously sharing the same thought:  that’s all there is to it?   I yank a few more times just to be sure and bait up, cast and hook a ‘nother one.   Ed?   He’s now looping wrapping and pulling too!

We spent the rest of the day in anglers bliss catching more than fishing.  It was heaven.  I asked him.. hey.. where can you buy these hooks.. he says.. I donno… some girl gave em to me… paddle gal i think…

So.. here ya are at the paddle gals site!  Get your Easy2Hook no knot fish hooks while you’re here!  Click here

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