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Paddle Sarasota Area With Native Paddle Guide

Mangrove Tunnel Tour

Paddling MangrovesIf you are in the Sarasota area, this sounds like a blast!  Adventure Kayak Outfitters has a tour originating at South Lido Nature Park and  includes not only Dolphins and Manatee watches but a cool tour through the mangrove tunnels of  the Lido Keys.

Kayaking Mangrove tunnels is an awesome way  to get close to the hidden jewels in Florida’s estuaries.  You’ll be paddling “behind the curtain,” where power boats would not dare to tread. Kayaks though, can go,  navigating secret routes of exotic shy birds, fish, crustaceans and mammals.   You can travel right along with them in cool dappled sunlit tubes formed by the mangroves.

Adventure Kayak Outfitters looks like they have it all together with good gear, and great trips in a fantastic area to explore. The Mangrove tour is one of their most popular but they have others too. Franklin Miller is your host.  Tell him you found out about Adventure Kayak Outfitters from Native Paddler!  Check them out and book a tour.

How To Use Easy2Hook Fish Hooks

New Video For Easy2Hook

You’ve wondered about those “Easy2Hook” fishing hooks. Do they really work?  How does one tie one on? This just bout eliminates any obstacle for using the Easy2Hook fishing hooks.  Plus there is a new way of tying on the Easy2Hook ! Don’t worry, it’s still easy and in the video!

Check it out….  We’ve got ’em for sale, right here at Native Paddler Just click here for more info and to purchase

The XFISH A New Stand Up and Fish Kayak

Woah! The XFish “Recon”  Goes Beyond a SUF Kayak!


Kayak reviews are always fun and  the XFish  “Recon” review is NO exception! The XFISH is a hybrid blend of a standup fishing kayak but adds a great sit down factor as well!   The fiberglass XFISH series are pretty mean fishing machines.   Lets face it, we all know that kayak fishing  can get uncomfortable when fishing and paddling for long distances.  The X Fish Developers made some serious changes to eliminate that discomfort.  The 360 degree swivel chair not only makes fishing comfortable, its easier to stand up when you need or want to.  Plus, being 18 inches above the water, your fishing visibility improves considerably, as you paddle along  or….. WAIT.. is that a trolling motor?

Purists may not like the fact that an optional trolling motor can be used to get you where you’re going but, there are plenty of  folks out there, some perhaps with limited mobility that will love the trolling motor feature for getting to your spot.

It’s not just any trolling motor either, its the  WATER SNAKE, providing 64 lbs of thrust with a unique steering system located at your side on the seat.  Florida Sportsman Magazine called the XFish Recon a “total fishing weapon.”

The XFISH inventors,  take pride in its stability in the water and the fact that no detail has been compromised.  There are davit rings if you want to keep it at your dock.  Handrails for easy climbing aboard, a cooler compartment that holds a 54 gallon Igloo cooler snugly.  The battery sits in a custom box with water proof connectors and a switch. Rod holders where you want them.

The 12 foot 39inch beam XFISH Recon holds up to 350 lbs on the deck and is super stable and hard to tip, even if standing on the edge. It only draws 4 inches even fully weighted. Its got to be the most innovative comfortable fishing kayaks out there.

The RECON, decked out sells for $3450 complete and are manufactured in Sarasota Fl.  Want one?  Contact us!  Dealer inquiries welcome!


Florida Guided Paddle Trips

Visiting? Try These Guided Paddle Tours!

Florida is the home of many majestic and scenic rivers. Your trip to Florida should not be complete without enjoying at least one paddle trip.   Some companies excel at getting you on the water and paddling these beautiful spots. One of our favorites is  Adventure Outpost located in High Springs Florida just outside of Gainesville.  This area is the Springs Heartland of Florida and home to some of Florida’s most loved spring fed rivers.   But Adventure Outpost doesn’t limit its tours just to North Florida Rivers,  Adventure Outpost schedules guided trips on over 40 rivers in Florida.


If you’ve been dying to see a manatee, some of the winter trips Adventure Outpost has planned will leave the guesswork out of your dream.  Florida springs in the winter are regularly inundated with scores of Manatees, and AO will find the right spring to paddle  where you will definitely have encounters.

Hanker a romantic moonlight trip? Every full moon Adventure Outpost plans at least one night trip to enjoy spectacular paddling on the Santa Fe by moonlight.

History Paddle Tours let you explore the history and prehistory of some of North Florida’s most scenic and remote rivers.  These tours, and many of the trips by Adventure Outpost are Led by Lars Anderson a local history writer,  naturalist, and experienced paddle guide.

For more information, click their logo above and go visit their site.  I’m sure you will find a gentle paddling adventure that will make your Florida visit special!



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