Paddle Sarasota Area With Native Paddle Guide

Mangrove Tunnel Tour

Paddling MangrovesIf you are in the Sarasota area, this sounds like a blast!  Adventure Kayak Outfitters has a tour originating at South Lido Nature Park and  includes not only Dolphins and Manatee watches but a cool tour through the mangrove tunnels of  the Lido Keys.

Kayaking Mangrove tunnels is an awesome way  to get close to the hidden jewels in Florida’s estuaries.  You’ll be paddling “behind the curtain,” where power boats would not dare to tread. Kayaks though, can go,  navigating secret routes of exotic shy birds, fish, crustaceans and mammals.   You can travel right along with them in cool dappled sunlit tubes formed by the mangroves.

Adventure Kayak Outfitters looks like they have it all together with good gear, and great trips in a fantastic area to explore. The Mangrove tour is one of their most popular but they have others too. Franklin Miller is your host.  Tell him you found out about Adventure Kayak Outfitters from Native Paddler!  Check them out and book a tour.

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