When I think about the history of my own experience with paddling, I recall the aluminum jon boat my grandfather gave to me when i was 8 years old. It was actually a rowboat at first, and when I would visit “Bobby” As we all called my grandfather, I’d grab the oars and launch my little 10 footer in the Dundee River right behind his house. I was allowed to “go anywhere.”

Looking back, i can remember learning by trial and error, the physics of what a paddle can do in water. I was an expert at turning on a dime, feathering, ruddering, and precise rowing. It was truly a gift bestowed upon me and acquainted me with paddling in a big way. When I was 13, I got the promised motor, a 3hp gas engine, and now I could really go!. Fishing became my favorite pastime when at Bobby’s house.

I never lost my love or my logic for paddling. I could never understand the folks who managed to ram their canoes into trees, because I knew the secrets of paddles and water. I knew the subtle changes it took to keep a straight course, or to veer, turn, slide or glide.

Nothing I love better in this world, than a fishing pole, a kayak, some mangroves and a pretty day!

Native Paddler will share what you need to know to paddle in Florida. I will help share the love of Florida Kayaking and canoeing with other paddlers around the country. Please feel free to comment on any post and if you have a story to tell I’d love to publish it for you ! Pictures always welcome too.
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