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Paddling Clam Bayou With Ed Halm

Ed Halm Backwater PaddlesEd Halm, inventor of the “Backwater Paddle” Series drove over from Cocoa Beach to meet up, kayak in tow. Native Paddler has been pretty obsessed with Ed’s invention ever since we first layed eyes on Ed’s innovative kayak “hand paddle” the “piranha.”

The hand paddle concept makes it a lot of sense, not only to sneak up on fish but also to maneuver in deep backwaters. You can stow your “biggie” as you fish your way along, and have a free hand for your rod, camera or gun. It’s unique hook and gripper design is useful as heck.

When Ed arrived he was bearing a gift of the new prototype full size kayak paddle: The RAPTOR. The Raptor uses the same hook and teeth design that Ed Patented. Could not wait to try it out!    After a quick lunch at Tangelo’s in downtown Gulfport Fl, we headed straight over to Clam Bayou for a test paddle.  Ed does Eco tours in Cocoa Beach in the Indian River Estuary and was a wealth of information even to a Florida Native.  It was a foggy even at midday which added some additional texture to our paddle.   Dolphins were feeding with a frenzy at the mouth leading to Boca Ceiga Bay.  Birds were everywhere: Ibis, Tricolor Herons, Great blues, Egrets, Kingfishers, Red Shouldered Hawks, Ospreys, Wood Storks.  It was a great trip.

Part of the fun was testing the Raptor.  It paddled great, couldn’t really tell a difference even though the blade was not traditional.  So what’s so great about this design, you wonder?   The Piranha, Predator and the upcoming Raptor edges have both a hook and a sawtooth design on the bottom. The teeth are useful for many things: Pushing off from a dock, a slippery log or a rock without slipping, The hook is useful as well allowing you to hook over a branch, a cleat, a line, or to another kayak when trying to come along side. Check the Paddle Blades out

Well, what about the Raptor performance you ask? If you were going to be in a kayak race, or were paddling open water for distance? Maybe this wouldn’t be the first choice from your paddle inventory. But paddling the backwater, not on a big mission? You’ll want your Raptor! There was little difference in performance under those conditions and much more functionality. You’ll get hooked on it quick!

The Raptor is not available yet, but i will be letting you know when it is. In fact, subscribing to our list will get you very first hand knowledge of it’s availability.

There are a few more secret plans in the works.. so stay tuned for updates!
OH…. Dealer Inquiries are Welcome. Just drop us line using the contact us form. We’ll get back to you promptly!

Heading out to paddle around a bit…and THANK YOU ED for the Raptor!