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The Diablo Adios Stand Up Fishing Kayak

Product Testing The Diablo “Adios”

Product testing has got to be one of the best parts of publishing!  Specially when the product is a kayak.  Not just any kayak either…  a new Standup Fishing Kayak: The Diablo Adios, manufactured in Texas by Diablo Paddlesports.Visit Diablo Here

Derick Burgos from Phatfish Kayak Charters graciously allowed me to use his 12’5″  Diablo “Adios” on our recent fishing excursion in Tampa Bay.  Derick fishes for Team Diablo, and also Team Slot Limit Radio as well.    Derick is well deserving of his Diablo sponsorship,  He’s a champ kayak angler.

Derick’s angling partner Shawn Neurath, also fishes on the Diablo Kayak Team and  joined us for a 7 AM launch from Gandy Blvd across from the power plant.

My first thought was WOW it’s RED!  Fitting color for the devil kayak.  The Diablo Stand up Fishing Kayaks are made from ABS not rotomolded polyethylene. It’s actually a two part thermoformed body and has a much glossier finish,  looking  a lot like fiberglass.    The extra width stands out immediately.  Non-slip grippers are applied in the standing area.   A strap attached to the front of the cockpit allows you to pull yourself right up when you are ready to sight fish.  The Adios is the first of two Diablo Stand up Fishing craft.  The newest version is the 10’5″ “Chupacabra.”  The Chupacabra will appeal to smaller anglers and it appears well appointed just like the Adios.

I’ve been kayak angling for years in my trusty Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120.  But one thing is for sure,  I don’t try to stand up in it.  I just cant make the transition from being seated low  to standing up, and as stable as my Tarpon is when seated, It is just too narrow to expect the same stability when standing.

The Diablo makes it easy.  You just grab the strap and you’re up.  If you fish from a chair like the one that Derick provided me, you don’t even need to grab the strap at all.  Once standing, it’s kind of amazing how comfortable it feels. The non skid area is at least 18 inches so its not like you have to stand in one spot. you can literally move around a bit.   The view “up there” , as in the fish spying view, is fantastic.   Plus, you can easily either paddle or pole yourself about.  If you fly fish,  you’ll love the Diablo series.

It was surprisingly nimble.  With the stability that Diablo has built in you’d think there has to be some kind of tradeoff.  There is, but its worth it in my opinion.   Its not quite as light on it’s feet as a rotomolded boat, but the quality of this boat stands out immediately.  We paddled about 4 miles during the course of the day and there were no issues with maneuvering or tracking.   It might have  taken  a bit more power in the stroke but glide factor was fantastic.  It’s such a slick finish and moves easily through the water.

Coming in from Weedon Island we had a stiff breeze at our back blowing us across to our vehicles.  I stood up the whole way and the wind just blew me through the waves.  I corrected my course occasionally with a paddle stroke here or there but it felt like I was a sailboat and I was the sail!  Talk about fun! Sort of reminded me of that scene from Titanic, arms raised wind blowing and wanting to yell “king of the world” or something!

I loved the Diablo Adios.  It had great fishing features, big foot braces,  rod holders, a very roomy forward dry hatch,  and a perfect sized rear well for storing gear.  It was stable beyond belief, a dry boat too. The scupper holes are recessed and not much water comes through them into the boat.

Thanks so much to Derick from Phatfish Kayak Charters and Captain Shawn from Mission Fishin’ Charters for showing me a great time and letting me try out the Diablo Adios.  The actual fishing story, I’ll tell another time.  But if you are hankering to go fishing, with a couple of REAL pro anglers, call Phatfish  or Mission Fishin!  links are above!

Drew Gregory Coosa Kayak Designer Goose Attack

Drew Gregory, designer of the new Jackson Kayak “Coosa”  will be on TV twice tonight.  Both America’s Funniest Home Videos, and When Vacations Attack are airing a clip of Drew getting attacked by a goose while fishing.  It’s pretty funny. The link to the travel channel version is below. The original video is here as well

The geese have been  hanging out around Drew’s kayak for about an hour.   Drew is mildly telling him to go away or he’ll get hooked. The Goose apparently didn’t like his tone.

Here is Drew’s original YouTube video with the WHOLE story of Drew Gregory, fishing in his kayak, and the attack.

Anglers, Try Easy2Hook, No Knot Fish Hooks

Easy2Hook..Could it be a fishing revolution?

Every now and then, a fishing tool comes along that makes you wonder how you ever fished without it.  The Easy2hook hook system is one of those.   Tying on your hook is one of the first lessons most anglers learn as kids. However, Mom or Dad usually do a lot of hook tying at first!   Mastering strategic fishing knots has always been  an essential part of fishing.  Does the Easy2hook change all this? It truly could.

The eye of the hook was never hard to find when you were 12, 24, or 35 but hmmm now that (cough) maturity has set in a bit, it can sometimes be a squinty challenge, or at least take a couple of stabs to get the line through.  This frustrating situation can be even more daunting when there is urgency involved, IE when there are fish rolling all around you and you have to replace or change out your hook.  Lets face it,  stabbing your line through the eye of the hook isn’t the only issue here either!  Even the simplest knot can sometimes take a couple of attempts to tie, specially with cold, slimy or wet hands or if you  might have a little stiffness in your fingers.  Do you night fish?  Hmmm,  imagine being able to secure your hook without really being able to see it!  Do you fish with limp braided line?  Not a problem with the Easy2Hook. No multiple attempts necessary and no line strength is lost! While certainly not limited to kayak anglers, the easy2hook system is perfect for us!

Rigging your hook has never been easier

Enter the Easy2Hook system!  Easy2hook requires no fishing knot at all!  You don’t even have to thread an eye on these fish hooks.   How can that be, you ask?   On each hook there is a tiny ball and the eye is an open twist.  You simply loop your line around the ball, wrap it to the open eye and run the line through the opening.  It only takes about a second!  NO line strength is lost, no knot is tied, you can now trim your tag end, and you are  hooked up and ready to fish!

These fish hooks are not only great for mature anglers,  they will make any angler’s life easier!  Fishing guides, kayak anglers, kids, and folks with disabilities, why struggle when attempting to tie on a hook?

End the struggle and order Easy2Hook today!

The hook point is razor sharp, the way you like ’em. The finish is black and the Easy2hook system is available in all popular sizes and configurations:  Circle hooks, o’shaughnessy, Aberdeen.  Might as well get a few packs, cuz you’re going to want them and so are your friends!

OH… once you try this hook, you’re gonna say: Wow.. wish they made these for lures.  Well, we do! It’s called a “lure Adaptor.  They come in 3 sizes. You’ll see them in the lineup below.

At the present we are no longer processing orders for these great hooks!  Go Directly to Outdoor Specialty Innovations for your purchase. You will love them!

Circle hook sizes from 1/0 to 5/0

6Pak E2H Circle Hooks $4.99

[wp_cart:6Pak-Circle-Hooks:price:4.99:var1[Choose Size|Circle- 1.0|Circle-2.0|Circle-3.0|Circle-4.0|Circle-5.0]:end]

The famous O’Shaughnessy Hooks Easy2hook style!

Available from 1/0 to 5/0

Shipped in Packs of 6

6 Pak E2H O’Shaughnessy Hooks  $4.39


The Easy2Hook  Aberdeen

Also called the “live worm” hook

Available in Sizes from #6 to 2/0

Size 6 to size 1 $3.29

Size 1/0 and 2/0 $4.39

Shipped in Packs of 6

6 Pak E2H Aberdeen



E2H Lure Adaptor Lure adapters attach with a split ring (not included)  to your lure. Rig your lures ahead of time for quick  (loop, wrap, pull) lure replacement and the strength and reliability of Easy2Hook!


Dealer inquiries welcome! Just fill out contact form and you will be contacted promptly!

Extreme Kayak Fishing:Man Vs Marlin

Okay, this is not a Florida Kayak Fishing video, BUT anyone who fishes from a kayak has got to enjoy this video of these kayak anglers VS Marlin off the coast of Panama. Jim Sammons with World Fishing Network has a fish on of major proportion. For more extreme fishing video visit The World Fishing Network’s blog post : Most Dangerous Ways To Fish

There are more great video’s on the site that will knock your fishin’ socks off!  Enjoy…

Thanks to Kayak Angler Magazine for Sharing!

Monster Redfish Tournament 1st Place Winner: Derick Burgos

In the First Leg of  Kayak Fishing ClassicS tournament Derick Burgos once again rules the roost by taking first in  The Old Tampa Bay Monster Redfish Tournament. Derrick’s top two reds for the day were 29.5 and 24.75 inches.  Nice catch Derick, Congratulations!

Second place was won by team member Shawn Neurath. Shawn’s winning fish were 22.5 and 27.75.

Shawn and Derrick both fish the slotlimit radio / Diablo Paddle sports team.  Both guys were paddling brand new Diablo Kayaks in the event.

3RD place was won by JB Smith, with a 27 and 24 inch fish.

Mark Knowles, defending champion took 4th place, with Walt Ruda taking 5th.

The baits of the day were DOA softbaits and High Roller lures.

View Official Results and more here:   Kayak Fishing Classics

Next UP coming Kayak Fishings ClassicS Tournament is The Snook, Trout, Redfish Slam Classic!

March 12th, Billy’s Stone Crab Restaraunt

Fishing Ft Desoto.

Kayak Review: The Coosa By Jackson Kayak

Jackson Kayak has long been known for their whitewater boats. This is their first foray into the fishing kayak realm but it looks like they have a definite winner!

Designed by Drew Gregory, professional kayak fisherman, The Coosa has some interesting features I’ve never seen before on a fishing kayak. Read the rest of this entry »